4.75 Release

Ultraschall adds podcasting features to the digital audio workstation REAPER.

Most DAWs are intended to be used by musicians, for music, but podcasters have their own needs to be fulfilled. In fact, in some places their needs differ from the needs of a musician heavily.

Ultraschall is intended to optimise the REAPER’s workflows, by reworking them with functionalities for the special needs of podcasters.

The whole project is open source and consists of a theme, VST plugins for soundboard and remote calls, a plugin and a lot of Lua-scripts.

The Ultraschall-Framework itself is intended to include a set of Lua-functions, that help creating such functionalities. By giving programmers helper functions to get access to each and every corner of REAPER. That way, extending Ultraschall and REAPER is more comfortable to do.

This API was to be used within Ultraschall only, but quickly evolved into a huge 1.600+ function-library, that many 3rd-party programmers and scripters may find use in, with many useful features.


API Endpoints


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